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February 17, 2009



I have posted it on my blog and sent out an email to the troops.


Posted a shout out in my blog. What a great cause. Way to go Ryan!


What an awesome sacrifice to earn donations. I feel blessed to have learned about the St. Baldrick's Foundation.


WOW! Great post! Great chance to win all the way around! I will certainly post a link on my blog for this! Good luck!

Sunshinecoastgrl aka Colleen Dixon

What a wonderful young man your Ryan must be!!Thank you for the chance to participate! Cheers! Colleen


wow.... great post! Great chance to win all the lovely things!
i will link your candy in my side bar
Hugs, Sonja xx


Hey--Sorry I didn't get to this sooner---But I FINALLY remembered to donate---what a great cause! Thanks, Ryan, for helping!


Hi Wendi, I just made my donation. You must be so proud of your nephew, what a wonderful person to do this!! (And what a great Aunt, too!)

Betty aka ZacksNana

Mike & Betty aka ZacksNana donated to St. Baldrick's Foundation for Ryan Kaput in honor of my 80 year old dad; Lester Justilian, Sr who is battling Prostate cancer at this time.
Scrapped Into A Friendzy
Ryan is awesome for doing this!

Betty aka ZacksNana

Oh Wendi I forgot in my previous post to say I posted the info. about Ryan and St. Baldrick's on my blog

Susan Patten - SCS spatten2001

I am posting the info on my blogspot today and I just finished donating -- great cause; Ryan has an awesome heart and I am glad to be able to help.

Gabriela Arriaza

I just posted this to my blog! What an awesome young man to do thid for a wonderful cause. Hugs to Ryan! I'll be making a donation right now!

Gabby Arriaza

Linda Peterson

I just donated. How wonderful for Ryan to work so hard for this great cause. I gave last year because of your blog.
Linda Peterson

Lauren (mytime)

Posted a link for you! Ill be making a donation soon. I wish they took paypal :C I dont have a CC, so will wait till the hubby gets home.


I just donated, and sent Ryan an email telling him that this was a great cause. Thanks for spreading the word.


I got a real soft heart when it comes to kids...and big ones doing special things!
will post to my blog too :)
good luck with reaching his goal :)


Yes, I'm putting this blog candy on my blog, so count me in for the surprize goody bag.

Tricia T

I made my donation a few days ago, but just got around to posting it on my blog... Here's the link!


This is a fabulous cause and I wish you the best of luck. I shaved last year - here is the link:


I noted that Ryan hasn't met his goal, so I've made a second donation. It wasn't nearly as much as I would have liked for it to have been, but at least it was something.

I don't see my original comment (maybe I put it in the wrong spot?) but I've also posted about this on my blog (and added a link on the sidebar).


Wow, Wendi what a wonderful Blogcandy. Thanks for the chance to win. I link you on my sidebar.



I like your Blogcandy too. I like to have a chance.

Many Greetings


Going to make my donation right now! What a great thing for Ryan to do. Cancer is a very very nasty monster. I have lost too many to this disease.

Kathy Gonzalez

Great Job Ryan! I am sure you aunt is proud of you. I did donate, had a hard time posting a comment though.

Thanks for the chance to win.


was having problems leaving comment.glad I was able to so I can win one of those fabulous prizes. BTW I did donate.

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