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March 06, 2008



I HOPE I'm not the first here! I just discovered your blog through Allison, and had to donate! What a great way to raise money for a heartbreaking cause. I hope your nephew likes his new 'do :)

Here's my donation #:ID #386721
-Melissa Schabel


Ahh, no longer first LOL. Bald is beautiful!! I keep telling my husband that :)
What a great way to raise for a good cause, a big thanks to every company and individual who gave for this amazing blog candy, you all rock!
(ID #386812)


What a great idea! I donated in honor of my cousin Randy who is hanging in there in his struggle. Here's my donation ID#387420. Thanks so much for doing this! ~chris pereira

Brenda Loock

What a great thing you are doing!
After 10 1/2 years of growing his hair, my husband was convinced by our daughter to cut it for Locks of Love. In Dec. 06 all 3 of us went and did that. I donated 10 inches, DD donated 17, DH donated 27 INCHES!!!
I tried to make a donation to your nephews site, but it keeps telling me my address is not valid. I will try again tomorrow when I can call the number listed.


I gave a donation for your nephew. This is a great cause. Please enter me into your contest

Denise H.

Jeremy is one special kid to be willing to do this for Children's cancer. I hope he is very successful in his endeavor. I hope a lot of us stampers unite for this great cause. Thanks for bringing this to all of our attention.

Lisa Lorigan

You must be so proud of Jeremy! I made my donation today. Hope his fundraising is very successful.


What an amazing thing that Jeremy is doing. I think it's truly fabulous that he would do this for children's cancer research. I donated (ID #394927) and I am going to add a link to this post on my blog. I hope he raises lots of money!

If you think he would enjoy it, please send me his address and I will send him a card - just as a little show of support. {It's ok if you don't want to, but I wanted to offer b/c I would love to do something else nice to applaud Jeremy's efforts, even if it's just that simple}. My e-mail is JenLuvsStamps ~at com.

Wendi K

I just want to Thank my nephew for doing this brave thing for Children's Cancer. I myself donated 17 inches of hair to Locks of Love about a year ago.

If something this small can make a large impact of children with cancer,then it is worth ever penny.

Thanks to everyone who donated!!

Janet S

I just added a donation to Jeremy's donation page. I had to make a donation in memory of my Aunt Deloris who died from cancer when she was only 42. I admire your nephew for doing this. It takes a lot of courage for a teenage guy to do this. More power to him!

Kim Marie

What a wonderful cause! and what a great way to let people know about it! My donation is in and I'm excited to see how many companies are involved!!
Praise God!


Finally got my donation in and I am so thankful that your nephew is doing this. I had 2 different types of cancer in 2004--in less than 1 month- surgeries, chemo and radiation---and all the good stuff that goes with it. But the worst part was watching children going through treatments- these kids tried to be brave for their parents! Tell Jeremy bald really can be beautiful---esp. with some really nice earrings!!! LOL!!!! God Bless all who donate!

Pirate Linda

This is so wonderful of your nephew to do and for you supporting him. My DH is a survivor of childhood cancer. He was diagnosed with "Wilm's tumor" when he was 5. (He was the 4th in the world to survive this cancer.) He still remembers a lot of what he went through and being bald. This is a great foundation and we're more than happy to be able to donate to support Jeremy and the kids suffering with cancer. (ID#397990)
~Pirate Linda


Way to go, Jeremy! I just donated in memory of my Dad, JW (Bill) Robichau (ID#399102).
later, alligator!
- SueB of

Kelly Bay

This is a great thing Jeremy is doing!!! He is an amazing person! You shuld be really proud! My father died of cancer when I was pregent with my 2 child almost 15 yrs ago. I also babsit a little boy who died at age 5 with cancer, I was only 14 and I remember having a hard time understanding this. I was 17 when my father was diagonised. Good Luck To Jeremy and God Bless!! Kelly
(#399928)donation #)

Carolyn Mustopa

Happy to make a donation! You should be very proud of Jeremy. Next week will be 10 years since I lost my mother to cancer. I hope this brings in lots of donations for this worthy cause.
Carolyn Mustopa

Kim Howard

What a great cause!! I made a donation under Kimberly Howard and will post a link on my website as well!

jeanne nielsen

I just donated! I'm so proud of your son! He's going to feel incredible when this is done! I'm an oncology nurse on a bone marrow transplant floor (adult) and see people doing things like this to make a difference all the time -- sometimes it's big, like what your son is doing, and sometimes it's smaller scale. Nevertheless, to a person affected with cancer, it's HUGE! Jeanne


So glad to participate! Have lost too many to cancer, and have seen others survive and beat it. Great for your nephew.
Betty McBroom
(ID #400191)

Lucygail Henson

Being a two year lung cancer survivor, I am glad to donate to the cause. I donated under the name Lucy G. Garcia-Henson. I will pass this on to some of my stamping buddies, some are also cancer survivors.
Lucy G. Garcia-Henson

Terri Trotter Earley

Great cause, great goodies! Thanks for your hard work in putting this together.

It's a good life!
Terri Trottter Earley


It's SO cool to see his goal go way, way, way over! I donated! (Denise Wallace) This is awesome. What a fantastic place to donate to.

Melanie Muenchinger

Okay, I'm a sposnor AND a donee! I cna play, too, right? Be very happy to get any prize (but my own! ;))(ID #400536) in memory of my maternal grandmother Mary Mason who died before I was born, when my mom was just a teen

Tracey aka cuccicoo1002

How wonderful that your nephew is doing this! I visited his donation page, please tell him how proud everyone is of him! I too, know WAY too many people that have been affected by this terrible disease... {{{HUGS}}} Jeremy!

Karen O

This is awesome- you must be beyond proud of Jeremy :)
Donor#ID #400851 here :)

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